Saturday, April 4, 2009

Here Tarifa comes!!!

So I'm finally in Tarifa. After, three day of exhausiting trip sleeping in car several times, somehow I managed to drive to capital of wind. However, as I'm here second day there was low-wind conditions, so I came up with a plan to visit Giblartar rock about 1000m height I can tell from the first sight. Surprprisingly, there showed some wind sufficient for 5.6 and flat water as well perfect for freestyle which is uncommon here. Due to forecasts the wind gonna come on Sundays, so its nothing to worry. I will be sending photos of action as soon as something will happen. I have tried on Vandal Reverb freestyle sail and I’m stoked of easiness that this sail gives in usage ;also, very light-weighted accompanied by coolest graphic, which windsurfing has ever seen.. I will be looking for some mural art in the town and I wonder if there is something.

In latest Surf magazine equipment test has been published , so go and check this out!!!. There you can find objective opinion about VandalSails

Also in Tarifa center climbing wall has been built, soon they are opening:)

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